Instagram is a social media platform that has quickly grown in popularity, and as such, it’s important to market your business on the app. One way to do this is by crafting an impactful Instagram bio for business. So, what should your Instagram bio say?

We are going to share tips and tricks you can use when writing your Instagram bio for business. Follow these instructions to come up with a professional bio that will get your company’s name out there! Moreover, Folwos is always up to keep providing valuable content to visitors or users and we are providing buy Instagram followers Australia for better growth and engagement.

1) Who Is Your Target Audience?

People are interested in social media marketing and how they can set up their accounts. If you are interested in creating your business account on Instagram and want to learn how to craft an impactful bio, then read on.

i) What will people take away from reading your post?

Information about best practices when it comes to creating an impactful bio. With some helpful hints, tips, and advice you’ll be able to create your account bio knowing that it is in line with current standards and expectations of users.

ii) What’s new or interesting?

The changes that have happened with Instagram over time since it was first created as well as what those changes have meant for user engagement rates, perception of brands, and personal branding efforts.

2) Describe Yourself Like an Advert Would

Here is the example of a good Bio:

“Our motto is Don’t Just Look Good – Feel Good. We use organic, cruelty-free ingredients in our products and we never test on animals. All of our formulas are made by chemists who specialize in beauty products. You’ll find everything from makeup and hair care to fragrances and skincare. We’re like Sephora, Ulta, Birchbox, Julep (and so much more) all in one! We give you makeup that makes you feel beautiful without breaking your budget.”

3) Keep It Short and Sweet

Include your company’s or personal mission statement, your slogan, and your company’s contact information in your bio. This is all information people want to know, and if you keep it short and sweet they are more likely to see it without scrolling.

-your company’s mission statement: to provide reliable solutions

-your slogan: providing high-quality services

-company contact info: phone number/email address

4) Add Hashtags to Attract Interested Followers

Adding hashtags to your posts is one of the best ways of attracting interested followers. It makes it easy for people who search under those hashtags to find you and follow you. Research what hashtags would be good additions that will match your content.