Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 700 million monthly active users. It’s easy to take a few pictures and post them to Instagram – but what’s the best way to grow your audience? We’re giving you 10 tips to grow your Instagram following.

1) Engage With Other Accounts

This is one of my favorite ways to grow my audience, and it doesn’t take any time at all. I found people I loved and followed them back. Simple! I also noticed that many of them followed me back, too. Even if you don’t interact with people on their content, if you like or comment on other posts in your feed, then chances are you’ll end up finding some mutual. But if you are not interested in engaging with other folks then you can opt to buy instant Instagram followers Australia to enlarge your audience to succeed.

2) Use Hashtags

Tip #2, use hashtags. A lot of people forget about hashtags and think that they’re not important. Wrong! Adding in one or two hashtags is easy, quick, and increases your potential audience with little effort. Plus, it’s how people find you.

Their tips for using hashtags include making them relevant to your post, adding them in different locations throughout your post (like captions), and switching up what you use often so you’re not repetitive.

3) Be Consistent

To grow your Instagram audience, you need to be consistent with posting content. We often put off posting because we want every post to be perfect, but consistency is more important than perfection. When you upload new posts regularly and reliably, your followers will start following your account more and more because they know that they can count on an update from you at least once or twice per week. This works best when you post different types of content on different days so that there’s something for everyone in your feed.

4) Have Quality Posts

A good place to start is by posting quality content that draws people in. These posts should not only be informative, but also interesting. Try to post at least 1-2 times per day. Also, take advantage of your current followers by asking them questions and commenting on their posts as well!

5) Include Links in Your Bio

A great place to start is by linking your Instagram profile to all of your other social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, or even your website. Linking up can mean more followers for you and if you’re creative enough with your bio, you’ll have something unique that will make people want to follow you on social media. The next step is finding hashtags with plenty of engagement going on and adding them to your account. This way when people search these tags they’ll come across your profile too. Additionally, it’s important to use hashtags that are trending to keep up with what’s going on in popular culture! Remember these two factors: engagement and trends.

6) Create Customized Captions

The author of this post mentions how he created customized captions to fit each of his photos. What he found was that his audience was more likely to interact with his content and even follow him, and also began sharing these posts on other social media platforms. He states that if you want an audience or want your followers to engage with your posts, try using specific hashtags relevant to what you are trying to promote. With these custom captions, it’s easier for people who don’t follow you back or live in different countries than yours will be able to see and enjoy your work.

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7) Select Good Descriptions For Your Pictures

One of the most important things you can do is use good descriptions when you post your pictures. Whether you’re uploading them directly on Instagram or using an app like Posterous, make sure that your captions are enticing and provide something for someone to read. Avoid using generic phrases like Pretty Picture! or Look at me!. Include details about what’s happening in your picture, as well as hashtags people might be searching for.

8) Post Every Day To Get Followers Quickly

The more consistent you are with posting on your account, the quicker your followers will grow. Asking for shoutouts from other bloggers can also help boost your numbers if done consistently. 9. Use Hashtags: Hashtags create relevance and topicality, making it easier for others to find you and be interested in what you’re posting about. Plus, Instagram is like any other social media site – you need hashtags when tweeting or pinning to get noticed by other users. Even you can get real Instagram followers in Australia from Folwos to save your time and effort.

9) Promote Yourself On Other Platforms

It’s important that as you grow your following on other social media platforms, that you start branching out. Promote yourself on other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest. It’s especially effective if you can show your audience different content types such as videos and images. And of course, include links back to your Instagram feed in these posts!

10) Make your followers happy

It is a great initiative to take care of your followers. Always post according to their interest and choice. If you are successful in keeping your fans joyful then your engagement metrics will keep surging day by day. So, pay heed to this aspect and enjoy the real fun of popularity.